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Loving is the Whole Point Blanket

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Dear Flower Heart,
I believe that flowers are here to remind us to flow.
To be flow-ers. To move with what happens and find ways to accept the challenging times and flow with those as much as possible too- and do our transformational practices to fill ourselves back up from the inside when challenges feel well, challenging. And to see with eyes of love as much as you can.

I've been in my Magic Cottage in San Francisco, painting up a wild, flowing painting, called Loving Is The Whole Point. It's a collection of whimsically tropical art for your soul.
It's full of reminders, support and permission for you to see with eyes of love, especially for yourself. I created art & words for your heart like;

"If you feel unloved, love yourself." "Be willing to live in between right and wrong," "Live like a full cup of self love, sharing the overflow with the world."

The flowers surrounding the words remind you to FLOW and bloom and move with the wind.

Wrap yourself in succulence with this 48" x 68" blanket made of 100% super-soft pre-washed cotton.

Ready for snuggling on the sofa, decadent picnics or reviving naps- a lovely gift for a loved one of get it for yourself!

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It’s with GREAT HONOR that I present to you 16 poems – 16 creations of art and life – to inspire you and those you love! These words and art have transformed and keep transforming my life, and I know they’ll do the same for you. I know these designs are as relevant and powerful today as they were when I wrote them originally, and I look forward to hearing the many Miracle Stories that these blankets will bring to your lives!
With deep gratitude and appreciation!

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